Even someone with years of broadcast experience makes mistakes when they set up remote interviews.

I have spent the past fourteen years recording weekly interviews for Federal News Network. Last year, they invested millions into state-of-the-art recording studios.

The COVID crisis has robbed me of a $25 million studio and now I record the my interviews remotely. Here are ten lessons learned.

1. The Wire

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Think of the well-known television series (The Wire) when you think about doing remote interviews. Always use a wire; don’t rely on your home Wi-Fi. Even better, make sure your guest has a wired connection.

Although the magic of a Wi-Fi router is impressive, please remember it is subject to dozens of variables that a wired signal is not. You can delve into electrical engineering articles for details, but your signal can fade for a wide variety of reasons. Your router could be failing, you could have interference, if you do not own the router, it could be subject to throttling from the provider, and other devices could be using your channel. …

Casually putting a company podcast on YouTube is a recipe for disaster.

Podcasting and YouTube are completely different vehicles to connect with your audience. YouTube is owned by Google and is the second most popular search engine. Much like Google, people search YouTube to get an answer to a specific question.

· A typical YouTube search will answer with a short video.

· A typical podcast listener subscribes to six podcasts and listens for 30 minutes.

Thousands of podcasts have been launched in the last couple of years. In April of 2020, Apple announced it had one million podcasts in its directory. If you do not think you are getting the results you want, think about making your podcast easy to find on Apple and developing your podcast promotion before making the jump to hyperspace. …

In April, Apple announced it had over one million podcasts in its directory. Adding to this total, many companies launched podcasts during the COVID crisis.

If your organization did not get the expected number of downloads, where do you place the blame? Quality of podcast? Competition? Lack of effective promotion?

Probably a little of all three. Let us start with the promotion opportunities you should take advantage of before spending any money.

For many companies, the first impulse is to get out a checkbook and throw money at expensive advertising. This may give short term results.

However, effective long-term podcast promotion is based on having a quality product whose promotion strategy will allow it to be discovered over years without spending money on advertising. This effort will increase reach and improve brand awareness for your company. …

We have all seen the Tweets, “Check out my new podcast.” After a few of those, many podcasters say Twitter doesn’t work.

Twitter is an underrated way to promote a podcast. Ads on Facebook and other platforms are saturated. There are some reports where Facebook is out of inventory, with a result in increased pricing.

Twitter is a platform that includes high net worth people. Because of that, if leveraged correctly, Twitter can be a terrific place to get the right people to hear your message.

Twitter is free, you can target your message, and there are 145 million daily users. Twitter should be part of the marketing matrix for promoting your company podcast. …

Did you make these 5 mistakes on the Apple podcast directory?

August 2019. Google started indexing and ranking podcasts. This is an earth-shaking change that directly benefits podcasters. Recent statistics show that Google reports seven billion searches a day; this change virtually opens the floodgates for people to discover your podcast. Google is not the only company with an algorithm to search for podcasts.

Apple recently announced one million podcasts. Many go to the Apple podcast directory and search by scrolling through thumbnail images or even type in a search term.

If you want to increase downloads and not spend money on advertising, you should optimize your presence so you can be found both by Google and Apple with images and text. …

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Everyone with a podcast wants more downloads. How can your podcast be discovered? Start with the behavior of listeners. From Patagonia to Portland everybody uses Google. Internet Live Stats estimates about 63,000 search queries per second.

The logical conclusion would be to create a show notes page that is easily found by Google searchers. Once a prospective listener is on your site, you can describe the podcast and demonstrate you have the goods that will satisfy their itch.

The best tool for promotion is not to spend $1,000 on a microphone or $25,000 for a freelance audio engineer from NPR, but to strategically design a show notes page that showcases the value you can bring to the searcher. …

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The Constellations podcast has invited over 70 experts in New Space and Satellites

One great way to promote your brand is to appear on a podcast as a guest. You get to connect to a new audience at no cost.

Further, the opportunities are endless; current estimates are 700,000 podcasts and almost all are looking for guests.

If your phone is not ringing off the hook with invitations, then you will need to follow this six-step approach to get invited on a podcast. Develop a list of potential podcasts, get a feel for the tone, connect with a well structured email, and take advantage of that opportunity.

1. Make a list of twenty target podcasts

In 2019 Google started indexing and ranking podcasts. This means that it is easier than ever to find a podcast that includes your target audience. Go to Google and type in “podcasts on your area of interest.” For example, let’s look at “podcasts on…


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